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Bandai Namco

Digimon - Adventure Box 3 - AB03 [EN]

Digimon - Adventure Box 3 - AB03 [EN]

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You will get a random Box. If you buy 6 Boxes, you get the whole set (if in stock)

The DIGIMON CARD GAME ADVENTURE BOX 2024 contains 4 packs of BT16, 1 exclusive Digimon Memory Counter Figure (6 types in total), and 2 Alt Art Promo Card (4 types in total)!

Popular Digimon from the movie DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02 –THE BEGINNING- get their own memory counters! Now you can play the Digimon Card Game using memory counters of Veemon and other Digimon!

1 of 6 new alt art PR cards are included! 2 cards of the same type are included, making it easy to complete a deck! This set‘s lineup features characters from the movie as well as the new characters Lui Ohwada and Ukkomon!

x4 Packs (BT16)
x1 Exclusive Figure (Memory Counter, 4 Types)
x2 Promo Card (6 types)

C/UC x66
Rare x22
Super Rare x12
Secret Rare x3
Special Card x4

107 card types

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

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