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Bandai Namco

Zenkai Series EX Set 07 - Booster Box B24 (EN)

Zenkai Series EX Set 07 - Booster Box B24 (EN)

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- The "Unison" cards from the UW series are getting a power-up as "Z-Unison". “Z-Union” will further expand the range of Z-Card play.
- Alt-Art leader cards are finally available.
- For God Rare (GDR), long-awaited card will be included.
- Card design has been partially updated to a simpler, more sophisticated, and modern design.
*Z07 Pre-release event application on TCG+ will be available from September 2023.

164 types in total

・Common x60 (normal ver.)
・Uncommon x30 (normal ver.)
・Rare x29 (silver foil ver.)
・Super Rare x18
・Special Rare x14
・Secret Rare x3
・God Rare x1
・Special Leader Rare x9

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